Developing a MEL plan for United for Global Mental Health

In late 2022, United for Global Mental Health (UnitedGMH) contracted Transformative Solutions to provide recommendations on synthesising key indicators of success for the organisation to use for 2023 and beyond, along with a plan for implementing and monitoring those indicators.

To deliver on this, our team created a comprehensive plan for organisational Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL). Throughout the project, we used our expertise in theory of change and indicator development, and in consultation with UnitedGMH as thematic experts on mental health advocacy, delivered a streamlined final plan.

The process of creating indicators for monitoring began by assessing the organisation’s existing theory of change and strategy. We then mapped a simplified change process from activities through to impacts. With this mapping, our team designed an indicator framework (or logframe). The indicator framework lists each key indicator including the recommended frequencies and data collection methods to monitor them. The final results were shared with the UnitedGMH team for reporting and impact measurement going forward.

Three regular processes were central to the plan: monitoring (monthly, quarterly and annually), evaluations (at the end of each strategic period), and learning (continuously).

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