Research, Evaluation and Advisory Services for Effective Organisations

Transformative Solutions is a UK based Monitoring and Evaluation consultancy that helps organisations to reach their full potential through effective research and advice on management, M&E and learning.

Research and Project Design

Research and analysis that enables organisations to improve by designing effective programmes, and integrating learning into the design process.

Project Monitoring

Design and implement monitoring frameworks throughout the project cycle. We specialise in dashboard reporting and data visualisation.


Design and conducting evaluations. We focus on disseminating learning from evaluations to ensure that results are used in adaptive programming.

Organisational Effectiveness & Project Management

Advice on good practices for improving organisational effectiveness and project management approaches. Findings from evaluations can improve organisational processes when well implemented. We support organisations to adapt and become more effective.

Project Cost Effectiveness and Value for Money Analyses

As part of wider evaluations, analyses of how a project costs compare against alternative approaches, and the main cost-drivers to help project managers maximise the impact of resources.


Innovation and digital technology is at the core of our consultancy work. New methods of data collection and visualisation help our clients to communicate their impact. By blending traditional approaches with novel digital technology applications, we are able to stay at the cutting edge of monitoring and evaluation.

About Us

We are a team of Bristol based M&E Consultants. Our experienced M&E consultants advise projects on high quality monitoring, evaluation and how to apply learning from evaluations back into project design.

Our Approach

Achieving results and impact is crucial, but to be most effective, organisations need to be able to critically assess their work and nurture an organisational learning culture able to improve on past performance.

Our aim is to help others learn, apply and share “what works” to be their most effective. We combine evidence based analysis with practical solutions that allow our clients to identify realistic and sustainable ways to meet their goals.

The Team

Elise is an experienced evaluation consultant from Canada, with over 13 years of experience in programme design, monitoring, learning and evaluation (MEL). Her experience across the programme cycle is broad, from designing and delivering multi-million pound programme M&E frameworks, conducting capacity building and training workshops and providing specialist advice on design and management for complex global programmes.

Her expertise in evaluations is focused on consortia, research and multi-sector initiatives, including capacity building, and gender sensitive programmes. Elise holds a MA in International Development from the Institute of Social Studies, part of the Erasmus University of Rotterdam.

Diogo has over 11 years experience in monitoring, evaluation and research. His consultancy work includes hand-on roles in designing and advising monitoring and evaluation, from design through to implementation of project learnings. He also has experience in coordinating civil society networks and engaging with varied stakeholder groups from around the world.

Diogo’s areas of expertise lie in digital and web-based communications and technology based solutions for remote M&E. He has a passion for technology for development and ensuring that organisations he works with are at the forefront of the digital era. Diogo has an interest in the visualisation of M&E data and exploring new ways of communicating large datasets. He holds a MSc in International Relations from the University of Amsterdam.

Our Work and Partnerships

Our team has wide experience supporting organisations designing M&E frameworks, leading monitoring activities, conducting end of project evaluations, developing interactive data visualisation interfaces and more. Our clients span the private sector, NGOs and governments, and we pride ourselves on being able to tailor our work to address each client’s bespoke needs.

In the past we have worked with organisations including the World Wide Web FoundationInternewsDevelopment Initiatives, Greenpeace International and United for Global Mental Health. Together with Caribou Digital, we have collaborated on projects for the UK Space Agency, European Space Agency (ESA) and the Mastercard Centre for Inclusive Growth.

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